Rock Throwing, The Young and The Restless, and A Sweet Kiss

“I ran away from him so I wouldn’t get arrested,”  exclaimed my good friend Georgie.  He was describing how one of our dear friends, obviously more than intoxicated, had taken a rock and thrown it at a car.  Just a random drunken act.   Yes, it was Friday night in Oz…the Castro District in San Francisco.

Earlier Friday, I was out celebrating with my office the end of Tax season. I am a Sales Manager for an Accounting/Bookkeeping firm so this has been a hectic time for us. We had a great lunch and it was nice just associating out of the office with the staff.  Our boss is taking us all to Vegas next weekend.  I am really excited about that trip.

One of my dear friends is also going through a similar evolution like me and has come out of a long term relationship.  He is dating and is meeting men recently that have been really been better. I can see it his confidence and demeanor.  He loves the show ” The Young and the Restless” and it is kind of the metaphor for his life.  He is so young at heart (and looks young for his age) and he is restless to find the love of his heart.  He will find it and the one who wins his heart will be lucky, because my friend is one of the most wonderful people I know.

These past couple of weeks have really opened up to me as far as meeting guys who are actually men I could possible date.  It has opened areas of my heart and mind that has not been opened of a long time.  It is as if a gentle calming tenderness has entered my being and my smiles have become richer.

Last night, I met someone for drinks who was so nice.   In fact at first meeting, he got me with his mid western charm and total normalness.  In the Castro, that is saying something.  From the moment we started talking, we lost awareness of the crowded bar.  I noticed every brush of his hand against me.  I kept looking at his eyes. He finally took my hand and held it firmly.  I felt immediately comfortable.

The he kissed me.

Time froze for a moment.

I had not felt such sweetness in such a long time.

We spent more time talking and kissing.

We then left the bar and went walking holding hands a for a few blocks. I was caught in this moment with this nice man not believing how immediately I became enamored with him.

He had to leave because he had to prepare for weekend work.  He drew me close and kissed me on the street.  H wants to have lunch with me.

The walk  to Toad Hall to catch up with friends was blissful.  I am not sure what is going to happen with this guy.  I am just glad that I am finally in this space where I am actually meeting nice guys and in the process of getting to know them.  Maybe one day my heart will be ready for that one and only again.  I am counting on that.

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