I Remember

When waves of change come over your life,  the brain seems to move into interesting memory trajectory fueled by emotion and other senses.  Memories seem to swarm into my my mind from different times in my life.  I can see and feel my mother holding me, a boy in kindergarten, tight and making me feel that all was safe in the world even when there was thunder and lightning outside.

I can see me laughing and feeling the exhilaration that comes from the joy of riding my first bicycle with no training wheels.  That first goal I made on the soccer field that taught me I had some athletic ability. That serve on the volleyball court that won that game.  The first crush I had on a girl.  The first crush I had on a boy.  The first time I was kissed.  The first time I had sex.  The day I was married.  The day my babies were born.  The smiles and hugs of my children when I came home from work. The day I came out as a gay man.  The first time I was with a man.

My friends and their energy and their wonderful part in my journey through the years.

The love relationships of my life, where I learned the deepest meaning of the heart, romance and myself.

Yes, I remember all these good and wonderful memories.  They are the pretty ornaments that adorn my tree of life that I look at and cherish. They lead me out of the dark times lighting the way out of the tunnel where new ornaments are just ready to be made.

I remember….to move forward.

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