A San Francisco Sunday, A Cinco De Mayo Fundraiser, and a New Chica Diva

It was a sunny Sunday in San Francisco and I found myself out with my buddies from the Haus of Coxxx. For those of you who may not be aware, this Haus are people who support Ana Mae Coxxx and are hand selected by her to be part of her team. Ana Mae is one of San Francisco’s premier drag performers and is part of the the Saturday night Hayes Valley Follies at Marlena’s Bar in San Francisco. She is also involved in other performances , events and fundraisers.

Ana Mae Coxxx and Chris "Polly Pocket" Coxxx

We spent some time at Toad hall and ran into other Haus members  Rory, Logan and Chris.

We also hung out at the Edge Bar where I took a playful video of Ana Mae.

Moses "Daddy" Coxxx

AJ "Newbie" Coxxx and Alan "Master " Coxxx

Soon we were off to Marlena’s were the who’s who of drag performers where there donating their time and effort to raise funds for charities.   Ana Mae Coxxx won Chica Diva and performed.  AJ and Moses participated in the Chico Divo  contest.  Moses performed a great number ( See his video below).  George L.  got up and did back up ( See his video below).

It was a fun day overall.  Below are more pictures and videos.

Ana Mae Coxxx and the othe contestants for Chica Diva

Moses with a couple of the other Chico contestants

AJ competes for the Chico Title

The Winners!

2 thoughts on “A San Francisco Sunday, A Cinco De Mayo Fundraiser, and a New Chica Diva

  1. Thank you for posting pictures and video clips of Ana Mae Coxxx and the Haus of Coxxx, for those of us who are interested, but live too far away to take part in things.

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