Taking Time

Photo care of Paradise Oasis

Many of us are engaged in so many activities in our lives and we have many things that are reliant on us.  We have our jobs, our families, our friends and the list goes on and on.  This is normal and we need to be present and involved in life.

However, if our energy continues to get depleted especially when we are facing challenges,  then we wear down. We no longer have that reservoir of strength to dip our cups into,  so we can quench the drought in our spirits.

We need to take time.   This means finding time for ourselves either to rest or enjoy activities alone away from the usual places and friends and people.  There is something about doing these type of things on a more regular basis that allows us to engage in our normal lives fully and completely.

We should not feel guilty about making time for ourselves. Our friends and family will understand, or they just have to get use to it.

The word “replenish” is always associated with the word “abundance.”  When we take time for ourselves we are able to bring abundance of strength to our spirits.  We are then allowed to share the abundance of our souls with others.

We sometimes like to shift the blame of the wearing down of our spirits to others.  The depletion of our spirit is our fault because we have allowed it to happen and we have not taken the time to renew it.  I know in my own life once I owned my responsibility ” to take the time” then I gained real empowerment to really work through the drought seasons of my spirit.

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