Simon Cowell, Lee DeWyze, Paula Abdul and a Tired American Idol

Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze, Ryan Seacrest (Vince Bucci/FOX)

Watching the finale ( I recorded it and did not see it when it aired),  I felt it was not only watching a farewell to the popular and very acerbic judge, Simon Cowell,  but also to a beloved show that has run its course and on its last leg.

Seeing former judge, Paula Abdul return and some of the former winners and contestants were reminders of past great seasons that were fresh and had immensely more star power on stage.  There seemed to be more compelling personalities and stories.  It was more than a talent contest, it was truly a TV show with dramatic arcs that kept the audience engaged  like a good reality show should.

Photo Coutesy of The FabLife

Ryan Seacrest  reported that there was only a 2% spread between the winning votes that got Lee DeWyze the Idol Award over Crystal Bowersox.  Both singers could have won the award.  It felt like there were two winners in the evening.  Crystal Bowersox will definitely find a great music career as many runner ups have done on the show.

Maybe next season the show will surprise us with the addition of a new judge and some changes that will provide a makeover to the show that will bring new life into it.   Something has to happen or it may be the last season that one of the biggest platforms in entertainment history available for unknowns to launch their music career will fade into TV history.  I hope not. We have had some of our biggest singing talent come out of that show.

2 thoughts on “Simon Cowell, Lee DeWyze, Paula Abdul and a Tired American Idol

  1. well there was only 2% separation of votes between Crystal and Lee COMING INTO the performance night finale. the vote difference after the finale to take the title was much greater:

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