Robin Hood’s High Ambitions Hampered By Dragging Plot

Russell Crowe stars as Robin Hood in Universal Pictures' Robin Hood (2010) Copyright © Universal Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

There is nothing worse than going to see a movie that is epic in feel with great actors, and the promise of a good story based on a well known legend, just to see it dragged down by a slow moving plot.  I actually fell asleep during a certain portion of the movie.

The movie is “Robin Hood.”  It stars such luminaries as Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett , Max von Sydow and William Hurt.  The story focuses on how Robin Hood became the Robin of the legend we are all familiar with in stories and mythology.

The film is beautiful to watch it in its gritty portrayal of Great Britain during that time period. I think that some of the “slow mo” archery special effects were a little over done. The battle scenes were some of the most exciting parts of the movie. The acting was stellar.

However, there were really slow, dragging parts of the movie that completely destroyed the cadence of the film.  It became boring at parts.

I came away feeling disappointed at a movie I expected so much more from with the caliber of talent associated with it.

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