2010 SYTYCD Top 11 Bring On Stellar Performances

2010 SYTCD Contestants ( Photo Courtesy of Fox TV)

Probably more than any other season, the performances of the top 11 2010 contestants of So You Think You Can Dance were amazing during this week of actual audience voting.   The combination of current contestants and former all starts from previous seasons is working well.

Alex Wong (23) is from Vancouver, Canada and his dance expertise is Ballet. ( Photo courtesy of Fox TV)

Alex Wong and his all star Allison Holker  gave a dance performance to the song, Hallelujah that is slated to go down as the best number ever done in any season of the show.  It was moving and beautiful, a perfect dance number.

Also, providing above the norm performances were Christina Santana and Robert Roldan. Kent Boyd was a crowd pleaser with his enthusiastic effort at cha cha.

Christina Santana ( Photo courtesy of Fox TV)

Robert Roldan ( Photo courtesy of Fox TV)

Kent Boyd ( Photo courtesy of Fox TV)

The judges seem to agree and I concur that the  men this year seem to have the stronger dancing talent.  We will have to see if that proves true the rest of the season.

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