The Idiot Named Elisabeth Hasselbeck

The Idiot from the View Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Okay,  I will admit that I recorded some episodes of the View because of some guests they had  that I wanted to see  and sometimes I like the dialogue between the gals. I especially like Whoopi and Joy.  I  like Sherri and Barbara.  I used to watch it all the time when Rosie was on.

However, watching it again just reconfirm what I always thought about Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  She is truly an idiot.  While I have criticisms of how the current administration may be handling some things, President Obama is still light years better than the previous administration.  I like the idea of opposing viewpoints on the View, however, I think that Hasselbeck is perhaps the worst representation of the conservative voice, unless that voice is the village idiot.

Her attacks are so politically positioned and weak on the Obama administration and they lack such substance.  Joy and Sherri can counterpoint her without any effort.  Her treatment of Kathy Griffin on the View was deplorable and unprofessional.

Kathy is a comedian and her shtick is to make fun of celebrities including all the women on the View. She is like Andrew Dice  Clay Meets Don Rickles.  Sherri even commented on how she heard jokes made about her but reacted  in a very professional way to Griffin.

Elisabeth was yawning and stretching like a middle school brat.   Griffin would not let her get away with it. Kudos to you Kathy!

Maybe the View keeps Hasselbeck because it is fun to watch a dumb blonde make an idiot of herself every day.  Hey if she brings in the ratings, why not?  If she helps remind us of the failed policies of the previous administration, maybe keeping her on is a good idea.

9 thoughts on “The Idiot Named Elisabeth Hasselbeck

  1. Elisabeth is an obnoxious rude brat. She is a detriment to The View. Please, please get rid of her!!!!

  2. I agree with everything thats been said about Elizabeth how she idiotic she is. She’s so bias against the President she won’t even address him properly every president can be called President Bush, Clinton Reagan an so on but he can only be called Obama. But thats ok because we know who he is and what he represent. But she’s only expressing what others like think but more power to her. I just wonder how long ABC is going to let her say anything she she wants about anything and anybody!!!!!

  3. I hear if you pull a cord in Elisabeths back, she comes out with pithy little sayings like “Lets go and bake George W Bush some cookies !” and
    “Dont ask me, Im just Elisabeth Hasselbeck haha! haha!”.

  4. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is SO STUPID, short-sighted, prejudice, limited, ignorant, obnoxious, & just plain DUMB!! Can;t BELIEVE she is popular enough to be on TV!! Somebody should shoot her & put us ALL out of HER MISERY!!!

  5. Honestly, the show could get higher ratings without Elisabeth. I refuse to watch The View because of her stupidity. Without her I think more people would be willing to watch the show and only a select few would actually stop watching if she was gone, and those people probably don’t need to be watching the show either.

  6. I have to say I agree…I like The View for many of the same reasons, I sometimes like the dialouge the girls sharej during “hot topics” and occasionally watch a few guest here and there…so I tape and skim, watching what I like and then deleting.

    Elizabeth just plain annoys me. it’s not that she has a point of view that I don’t happen to agree with…that I can handle, but it’s the manner in which she gets that point of view across. It’s almost as though she’s telling you you’re stupid if you don’t agree with her, and I’m sorry, but she’s just plain wrong about alot of the things she says. She simply grates on my nerves…Every time it’s her turn to speak, I get the urge to cover me ears and start singing “la, la la la…”I can’t heeeaaarrr yoooouuuu…” (I don’t of course –LOL), and It’s not that I wish her ill will-I don’t, but I think she and The View could benefit greatly if she moved on.

  7. Just had to add…just watched the Kathy Griffin clip and …Go Kathy!…Kathy’s a comedianne…and her style may not be something everyone enjoys, but if it upsets Elizabeth, she doesn’t have to watch or comment on it. And on another note, have a sense of humor for goodness sake….Kathy does her sthick…it’s funny, people laugh and move on. If you’re in the public eye, the fact is, you open yourself up to being subject to such things — Kathy isn’t trying to cause an permanant damage to anyone– It’s a JOKE. Elizabeth thought she was gonna get all slick and jab back at her….and Kathy was ready and waiting…and look who backed down…Oh, is it all good now, Elizabeth?…LOL, Of course it is, because you’re not nearly as tough as we want people to think you are….

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