When Life Becomes Real

There is something liberating when events come together in your life that completely bring you to such a clarity that point you in the direction you should take moving forward.

In a period of less than two weeks, I almost lost my life through a serious car accident, saw the birth of a granddaughter, and saw the death of someone who was like a sister to me.  Also, I was able to find some needed closure to a relationship that has ended from my previous partner who was honest about some things.

Life no longer exists on false hopes or in make believe dreams , it is brought into reality and with that comes freedom.  I find that I am no longer held down by  dead end streets.  I see life with new lens that are based on what really exists so it offers me possibilities that are concrete and ultimately anchored for my happiness.

There is so much to life that I have discovered that we can have if we but take all the unnecessary shackles  off that we weigh ourselves down with that are rooted in our own disbelief in ourselves and in our inability to believe that we deserve better.

There is so much that I want to do that is truly soul enriching and also life affirming in my life.  I don’t want to be a spectator in my own life.  I want to  engage in it.  My life is an adventure. My life is real!

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