Pride Sunday – San Francisco 2010 – All About Family

San Francisco Pride 2010

Pride Sunday 2010 in San Francisco was all about Family.  Not in the commonly used way that we use it in our LGBT community, but in the  more traditional family sense of biology, adoption, and marriage.

I met up with my younger first cousin, Arthur and his partner, Javier.  His sister and my cousin, Tonya and her sixteen year old daughter also were down from northern California for the Pride festivities. Also in the party was Danielle, a co-worker of Javier at the Office Depot.

Jenna, Tonya, JP and Arthur

We enjoyed the Pride Parade and  were thoroughly engaged in it. Then we went to the Civic Center grounds for the festival. It was packed with people. It was hot and sunny. It was almost like we were  on a beach front on a hot summer day. People were dressed accordingly and we were treated to a world of eye candy.

However, during these moments of sharing this time together with my cousins, I realized an LGBT legacy of sorts has been created in my family. I was the first to come out. Arthur followed after me.  He told me once that when he saw me come out, it helped him to have the courage to do the same.   Since that time my brother Phillip’s step daughter, Bobbie Jo has come out and lives with her partner and  son.   My first cousin Gloria’s grandson, Adam, has also come out.

Javier, JP and Arthur

This Pride was really about family for me and the progress we have made in our on LGBT experience.  The sun was out as we celebrated and so were we.

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