Have You Ever?

Have you ever stood on the Great Wall of China?

Have you ever awaken to a Tahitian sunrise with the love of your life?

Have you ever skydived from a plane and felt the freedom of floating in the air?

Have you ever sat at a Paris Cafe discussing art or a favorite novel with someone special?

Have you ever taken photographs of the mountain vistas of New Zealand and met its Maori Native culture?

Have you ever  written a book?

Have you ever truly found a cause where you can provide significant service to?

Have you met Leona Lewis and got her autograph?

Have you ever been at your best physical shape?

Have you ever taken movie making classes do you can learn to make simple homemade movies for the joy of it?

Have you ever planned a family reunion where every known relative of the immediate family attends.

Have you ever vacationed with each of your children alone?

Have you ever seen the Mayan and Aztec ruins?

Have you ever made that repeat trip to Puerto Vallarta?

Have you ever gone on a cruise with your closest friends?

Have you ever taken a week long vacation and did absolutely nothing but relax?

Have you ever been to Disneyland during Christmas?

Have you ever seen the green grass of Ireland

Have You Ever been an audience of the So You Can Think You Can Dance TV show?

Have you ever wanted to reach out through your computer thousands miles away to a far away continent just to touch the face of someone  you have been chatting with just for a moment of contact.

The list above is my list and my own goal is to accomplish all these things for myself.  So I have never! But I will!

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