The Saving Grace of Home

Guam Sunrise

As my daughter and I made the long flight from San Francisco  to Japan and then to Guam,  I felt myself  relaxing and letting go of the tethers of the things that have been tying down my soul and heart.  Life has given me it’s share of challenges but I am also seeing the amazing things that are lifting me forward and onward.

The airplane trip was so enjoyable and so healing. My daughter and I enjoyed the unabashed laughter and love that only comes with being able to share such a trip together.

I saw the sun rise this morning as I awoke in Guam at my brother, David’s house .  The tropical sun illuminated the lush greenery and I choked up.  I was home at the place of my birth and the playground of my boyhood.

I made coffee and sipped it as my daughter, my brother Tim and David sat around the table as the sun’s rays illuminated the dining area.  We talked and joked and laughed…sharing memories and stories.   I was with family.  I was home.  I needed to be here now.

I am looking forward to the regeneration of spirit that comes with the reconnection of family that will come later today seeing my mother, my other brother, my sister, cousins and friends.

I am being saved by the grace of home.  I am thankful.

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