Learning from the Chamorro Culture’s Past

Gef Pago Cultural Village, Guam

One of the best parts of our trip back to Guam was our visit to the Gef Pago Cultural Village in Inarajan.  There on  some property in this sleepy southern hamlet is a group of  native huts with people dressed in post Spanish traditional Chamorro dress.  It is a living museum showing first hand some of the ways Chamorros in the past have produced some foods, arts, and crafts.

Frances showcase the many uses of the coconut

The people are friendly and excited to share information on their traditions.  We had the pleasure of being guided by a young Chamorro woman named Frances.  She showed us the ways the coconut was used for food and other things.  We also saw how salt was made, rope was made and even some coconut weaved crafts.


I am so glad that places like this exist so that we can learn about the rich culture that existed on Guam.  Here are some videos of the tour:

We also looked at an early Chamorro house that is on the National registry and toured it.  It was fascinating to see how households were organized many years ago on the island.

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