Heart Dream

Heart Dream

By: JP Leddy

My eyes close moistened with tears

I ache for a vision of you in my dreams

I wanted to see you in my awakeness

But I only see others

In these pressing crowds, I feel alone

So I welcome sleep

I pray the Master Dreamweaver will send me to you

To be intertwined in floating beautifulness

Where things of the heart paint the skies

And bring to blossom the land beneath

Every day, you fill more parts of my heart

I cannot fight it

I will not fight it

I surrender willingly to the journey

Even if it is only in the realm of dreams

The dream settles me always by a beach

Where my vivid thoughts of you swim through my mind

As I sit along the white sands by the Tasi

Master Dreamweaver whispers:

“Your heart now resides on the shores of Knysna”

I hope the morning does not come soon…..

Β© JP Leddy


Thank you so much to Jingle and the Perfect Poet Award

I also won the following awards for the Poetry Awards 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 26

The Most Graceful Poet Award

The Most Compassionate Poet Award

The Most Resilient Poet Award

and also

The Most Creative Blogger Award

U R A Rare Friend Award

I nominate the following poet for her unique poetry: MEGZONE

46 thoughts on “Heart Dream

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  3. Glad to see your work being loved by many…

    are you done 18 NEW and returned favors?

    sorry for the questions…
    simply try to check things out and hope that you have a fun Sunday!

  4. For what it’s worth: you have my praise too, even though I am an untrained poet myself πŸ™‚ words well up from within us and even if they mean something or nothing to another – the babbling brook they form means so much to us. I can relate to your poem very much… it reminds me of recent heartbreaks.

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