Feeling Giddy

Sometimes you just have to let yourself go especially if the happiness bug hits you and be a little silly and yes…giddy.  We live in such a conservative world with so many structures that breaking that apart with the sure expression of life embodied does so much for the soul.

A drink or two sometimes help…

When someone brings out the giddy in me than you know I am enamored and maybe even more with that person.  I love being in those moments where silliness takes over and just cleans the cobwebs out of a dreary day.

I think it is the best mood to go sing at a Karaoke bar, or go swimming in the middle of the morning,  or dancing to all those bad songs you thought were cool from the past.   It is that Happy Feet dance that is caused by that Happy Heart feeling.

So when you feel that giddy or silliness swell up in you…let it takeover!  Well maybe not in the middle of a Church…but then again, why not?!!!?

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