The People in Our Lives

Life continues to roll for me and I have face its challenges either well and other times not too well.  However, I realized today that my navigation would not have gone as smoothly without the people in my life. They have been there either as family members, friends and even brief acquaintances.

Some have been like life rafts when the tumultuous waves of life seem almost drowning.

I thought about some of the people in my life. Most of their support does not come with fanfare and trumpets glaring, but in small, meaningful consistent ways.  There is often nothing said about it.

Each of these people contribute something different and some are more involved and closer to my life.  I try to capsulize in thoughts what they have done for me and I feel so grateful and even humbled by all of it.

I look at my growth and their hands have had part of molding me to what my best self is at this moment.

Showing appreciation to them is essential because it opens the heart to the reality of the journey of life you are on and allows you even greater strengths to share with others.

So what do we all do about the people in our lives?

Gratefulness? Yes.  Love? Absolutely

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