You know in all forms of social media, the acronym “WTF”,  is used a lot to underscore the real words…especially the “F” word.   In meaning, it simply describes a moment of incredulous surprise at something stupid  or simply f***ed up,or even illuminating.   I think you get my drift.

Well, I have had few more of these moments lately.  I am not talking about the “WTF”  moments that I have on a regular basis when the same 3 older Asian ( not being a racist just stating fact)  women push me out of the way to get into the BART train.  I am not talking about those moments when crossing the BAY bridge and those crazy drivers get in on the Fast Trax lane to try to shortcut their way to regular cash toll booth lanes… and HOLD UP THE fast trax traffic.  I say a couple of WTF’s then and even add an “M” before the “F.”

The “WTF” moments I am talking about are those moments when you are reviewing your life and really look at your own behaviors and current direction.  You know, when you think….”Why am I doing this?”  “Is this what I want?”   Yeah…those “WTF” moments are even more impactful because they require change in numero uno YOU!

I had lunch yesterday with one of my dearest friends whose listening ear and advice, I value greatly when it comes to things of the heart.  I was catching up with him on things and telling him a lot about what was happening in my personal life.  He so zeroed in on me…not in a rude way…but very gently helped me to think about serious questions.  The series of “WTF” moments increased exponentially after our discussion.

Again,  privately, it is heart wrenching  but liberating to start to take steps after these kinds of “WTF” moments.  However, I find my life becomes better because of it.  I always find that I am in some sort of growth in life. It never stops.  Wow, the reality of that makes me think “WTF?!?”

So “WTF” is not simply a convenient social media communication term…it means so much more to me.

Did I just write about this topic?  WTF?!?

2 thoughts on “WTF?!?

  1. I understand what you mean, at this point the transition and zeroing in WTF period is happening. When everything you’ve been doing seems to be one big waste of time. It seems to increase when an injury happens. You start to think “You know? I’d much rather injure myself doing something I love to do, rather than the BS I’m doing now just ot get by”.

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