Sunday mornings mean laundry time for me.  Because there are no hook ups in the apartment I live in, I go to wash my clothes at a laundromat that is located a block from where I live.  I woke up later than normal today so doing laundry was not exactly my favorite morning activity.

After inserting the coins into the machines I was using, my iPhone rings.  The Caller ID says Unknown.  I normally would have let it go to voice mail, but instead, I answered it.

Surprised, that call changed my day.  You see,  it made me happy.


By JP Leddy

Your voice sends my heart

to a place where I thought I never visit again

Where dreams come true

Are you real?

Because I feel alive,  as if the

sun warmed the life back into my body

Your voice fills me and resonates

hope where I was hopeless

yet something else has happened

Yes, you are real

I realized that your voice has broken

the harshness of the morning

and I am


© JP Leddy

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