Coffee Houses and Business

Maybe it’s the economy or just that lunch meetings can be cumbersome.  Maybe because business people who network want to get straight to the point.  However, coffee houses have become the places to meet and talk about business even more so than ever before.

So while we get our caffeine fix, we try to find ways to network and build business relationships.  For example, I am sitting here at a Peet’s Coffee Cafe located on Sansome Street in San Francisco.  I just met with a networking partner.  Earlier today in the morning , I had another “coffee meeting” with a possible business lead at a Starbuck’s across the street.

These meetings happen throughout the day.  Coffee can be sipped down easier than eating lunch or breakfast. The meetings tend to be concise and works better for a schedule. There typically are enough tables and chairs. Except for the dull hum of conversations of other networkers, I have found most coffee houses great places to meet a lead to conduct the initial meeting and follow up that comes with the normal course of business.

Usually there are other types of drinks for the non- coffee addicts and food available ( at least for a snack).  Most coffee places have wireless internet networks and enough outlets to hook up your computer or charge your iphone.

This trend in networking is an interesting one where these places have become the center of business introductions or a place to close business for prices much lower than paying for a martini.

Well, enough said, I have got to finished my non-fat latte before heading off to do more networking.  I wonder what coffee house I need to go to?

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