Going For It, Taking the Risk

There have been many risks I have taken in my life and sometimes it has left me with bruises.  I thought I had come to the point in my life where I needed to be less of a risk taker.  It is conventional wisdom, the world tells you, as you reach a certain age.  Well, screw the world.

The hardest risks are not the ones made with the mind or with the body but with the ones made with the heart.  I have been fortunate that I have enjoyed some of the most wonderful heart experiences of life even if they did not last like I had hoped.  They were not made of the tragedy that threads through literature or on a Greek amphitheater. They are simply part of life.  Yes,  wonderful at their highest points and painful at their ends, but still beautiful in retrospect.

I thought my life was closed to such possibilities and such risks.  Maybe, I did not want to be presented with such a choice so soon.  However, it is there.  I am abandoning myself to the risk and going for it.  My heart is leading me there.  It goes stronger every day and I cannot escape it.

I am at another beginning. I can feel it and yet I cannot see the future clearly.  My heart has its vision and  I use that as my compass.

Risk taking is truly about living life…no matter your age.  Love finds you.  Then you must go for it.

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