American Idol Shake-up – Changes Needed More Than The Judges

Yes, it has been one of my favorite shows.  Last year was horrible.  The  problem was really not the judges but it really laid with the competitors.  They were not up to par and quite…well…boring.  Most of the top ten did not reflect the type of talent level one would expect of a national competition.

Yes, there has been a loss in the judges panel with Abdul leaving, and then Cowell and now DeGeneres.  Rumors are that DioGuardi is gone and that Jennifer Lopez and Stephen Tyler are coming in to join Randy Jackson.  It is enough  of a big stir up that should prove to bring some interesting dynamics to the show.   However, if the selection process of the candidates is “piss poor”  than Idol is sunk.

I hope that something is done about the process so that the very best is indeed selected.  America will follow and watch if that happens and American Idol will regain its former luster even with all the changes.  It is a singing competition, after all. We just need great singers with star power.  Is that so much to ask?

Well, it is a wait and see game now…Will American Idol see its second life or will it sputter and simply whimper into oblivion in mediocrity?

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