Clay Aiken – Tried and True – Agreed.

Clay Aiken

Last night,  on a PBS special Clay Aiken had a music concert special direct from Raleigh, his hometown, called Clay Aiken: Tried and True.  Immersed in some sort of controversy from day one ranging from his fervent “Claymate” fans to his closeted homosexuality and eventual coming out, Aiken has endured quite the publicity roller coaster.  He has enjoyed hits on the charts early in his career and a successful stint on Broadway.

His personal life has dogged him and to an extent overshadowed his talent. Most of this has been due to a hungry media that seems to enjoy bullying this non traditional music artist.

However, all that aside,  this gay father and music artist proved that talent is more powerful than any gossip rag.  Performing classic songs from his new album where he shines with his unique and beautiful voice, Aiken delivers star power on stage in Raleigh.  He is here to stay.

I truly  believe that his career will find a second life with a more mature Aiken. His signature tag line is “Survival” based on sure talent and tenacity.

Sing on, Clay. We need your talent and voice.

58 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Tried and True – Agreed.

  1. Thank you for this insightful article on Clay Aiken. He is talented beyond measure – the PBS special is beautiful – and he seems to be a really nice guy.

    I’ve never understand why the media has dogged and slammed him so much – they are much too curious about the personal lives of entertainers and celebrites and it makes no sense to me.

    I’m glad he’s kept on with his career. He has a beautiful voice. With his talent and tenacity, hopefully he’ll be around for a long time to come.

  2. I agree, Pat. I think Clay has proven that his talent is not fleeting but really part of our American music culture. I hope we continue to enjoy his voice for years to come.


  3. “Sing on, Clay. We need your talent and voice.”

    I so agree with this.

    We need that voice–not just the singing voice, but the voice that speaks up for those who would be excluded. That man has changed so many lives with his singing voice and his voice for inclusion.

    Thanks for this blog. Here’s to Clay Aiken–a powerful man and talent. May he continue to sing and use his voice for years to come.

  4. I enjoyed reading your review. It is refreshing to find a review that focuses on Clay’s unique talent. His star power is often unrecognized. I have never understood the bullying by the media, and the failure of the music industry to recognize and embrace this very talented artist. Thank you!

  5. Really love your blog. I saw the PBS special last night and couldn’t agree more with you. He is a talent that will stand the test of time!

  6. I appreciate an article that focuses on the talent of the man instead of his sexuality or the reveiwer’s own prejudices. Clay is a multitalented man and can go far in his career.

  7. I agree Clay has been a whipping boy for the media for years. Through it all, he’s stood tall, and gained respect from many, many in the entertainment industry.

    The PBS special was perfect for Clay’s talent. It’s obvious he’s happy where he is right now, thanks to Decca for seeing what they had in Clay, and promoting him to his fullest potential.

    A line from a Clay song goes “I’m ready for my new beginning.” And so are we, Clay.

  8. I just loved this blog! I found it on twitter and am now following you. I really like all of your blogs, theyre really interesting, meaningful. But thanks so much for this one. .Clay has this sort of aura about him. I dont think I have ever heard or seen a performer quite like him.

    Have a wonderful day


  9. Cara,

    Thank you for your kind words about my very amateur attempts to express myself. I write from the heart. Sometimes a little silly I know! Clay is a talent and a great person!


  10. I actually went to this PBS taping, and it was beyond anything that I expected. I only wish everyone could see the show in its entirety.

    Thanks for your comments, you are “spot on”!

  11. I watched the PBS special on Sunday night, 2 words, Spectacular, awesome! Clay you rocked!! No voice like yours today!

  12. It is beyond my understanding why people have to refer to one as being gay. Do they say such & such a person is straight? NO.Give it a rest .Makes no difference.It doesnt affect his singing or his humanitarianism, & that’s what counts.

  13. Sylvia,

    You are so right. In this world it should not matter. However, his courage in coming out is making it easier for others to do so and for the cause of equality to finally come to fruition so one day it should not matter.

    Thank you for your comments.


  14. P.S most know me as tennie5 or claiken 1.Want everyone to know I’m standing up for CLAY & proud to do so.

  15. Thanks for recognizing Clay’s talent — it would be wonderful if more people could hear this man live. With his voice, his wit and humor, Clay makes a concert so much fun and so enjoyable! His Timeless Tour with Ruben is such a hoot, too — get to one of these if you can. Go to: to see his future appearances.

    The PBS Special is amazing — I was there at the taping in Raleigh. Clay blew the roof off that night with Mack the Knife and then buttered us up with Misty, It’s Impossible, and Unchained Melody. What a gift he is.

  16. Not only is Clay a very talented man but a man that has used his voice to help others. He has done a lot to help others and a man with great character and courage. It is great to see him on TV but nothing compares to seeing him perform live. He has inspired me to be a better a person. I will forever be a fan and look forward to following his career. He is a class act and here to stay. He is man that I would be honored to call my brother, a lover or a friend.

  17. Thanks for the “getting it” and Clay. Suffice it to say, if I had been Clay Aiken and gone through the beatings he did, I have quit in a New York minute.

    It says a lot about his character that he stayed in the business.

  18. well written insightful article. Thank you
    Clay is a warrior- His voice will live …as good always prevail

  19. I just watched Clay’s PBS Special last night on my station WMFE Orlando. I have only one word to say, and that is: Awesome!

  20. What a wonderful, wonderful personality and talent this young man has! I do so believe he will be around a long time, I could listen to him 24/7

  21. After reading your brilliant review, I had to comment. Clay is the only artist whose music I will own without hearing a single note because he is that good. Haven’t caught the PBS special since it hasn’t come to my area yet but I feel all the excitement about it. Also, he’s an artist who sounds even more amazing live. A gift shouldn’t be examined for its content, it should simply be appreciated. Whether or not I agree with Clay’s lifestyle, I appreciate what he brings to me as his fan & I respect him for at least trying to be candid. Although he is a young man, he posesses wisdom & focus that you don’t find very often these days. It’s refreshing.

  22. Darlene,

    I appreciate your very honest and very fair comments about Clay. His talent is what is universally appealing about him. He is also trying to live the best life he can. That should be respected.


  23. Clay is a man who the media has tried to strip his pride. Clay is not one to be taken down easily. But he is the man who would help you in a heart beat. Why can’t the media and these haters sit and listen to this man. I would bet anything they would fall for him just like his fans did. I believe Clay should of won american Idol,he was the best. But of course he was not what they were looking for{Simon’s famous words]. Don’t get me wrong Reuben is good, but I just believe Clay was better. Just one more thing, how many artists at concerts to you really see blend and pull in their audience. He loves his fans.

  24. Linda,

    I had wanted him to win , too. However, it was a close race and Idol did give him a stage to create millions of fans. He has become a winner on the world stage.


  25. Clay Aiken is non-traditional as you say. The funny thing is he is a true vocal chameleon. I saw Clay and Ruben last week in Florida. The man can sing anything and sing the crap out of it.

    He goes on about his business and stands tall. There aren’t many in this world that could withstand what he has and keep that smile on his face. I admire that tenacity and courage.

    His PBS special is killer and we sat there watching it with huge grins on our face. Not too many artists do that to us. His voice gives me chills. Even his speaking voice is layered and fun to listen to. Keep rockin Clay, I don’t think we’ve seen half of what you can do.

  26. You know, outback, I agree that is vocal talent is so over and beyond the much less talented fare that is popular today. I can’t wait for what else he brings to us in the future!


  27. First, I think it very kind of you to respond to everyone’s post..very classy! Second, thank you for the kind words you said about Clay. I have loved this young man from the first moment he opened his mouth on American Idol. He has given me many hours of joy, moments of pain for his media bashing, and broaden my views of the world and the help other’s need. He is one of the most interesting entertainers I have ever enjoyed. A goof ball one minute, an insightful and articulat speaker the next, moments of kindness to be admired and a voice that stirs the soul. I have seen his new tour with Ruben and they are a joy to watch. I wish him well and hope we will be able experience “his particular joy” for years to come!

  28. Hi JP,
    like your review..just a small thing but I think it will make quite a difference. In one of your answer you said that he is a part of American music culture …not really though 😉 … I would rather saying that now he is part of International culture …not only music but also what he believes as a big heart person through his philantrophy activities…
    I am from Indonesia & has been in love with him since I saw him in AI & my love becomes deeper when I knew him visited Indonesia when we got tsunami…
    Following him in the last 7 years from Indonesia is not easy if you dont live in the US…but I stick to him anyway… stick to him as a person & not only because of he is part of American music culture (but I have to thank AI though ..for finding him I think that also one of the reason why he has fans in a lot of other countries…. :D. Once again thanks for the review.

  29. Love this, as puteri from Indonesia has said being an international fan of Clay`s from the beginning has been hard, all the rubbish he has had to deal with, including us fans. I fell for his voice, not a flashy so called talent that makes it on their looks alone, pure singing ability. Clay is never heard internationally yet he is still popular, amazing when everthing to day is about media propmotion. i cant imagine how popular he would be given a fraction of the airplay or support other so called stars get. It has always been such an unlevel ball game.
    I too hope he is around for a long time as talent like his is and should be heard by all.

  30. Hi JP,
    I’m from Canada and I would like to thank you for that wonderful write up about our idol. Sorry, I’m not a good writer and even giving out comments, but I do agreed to the people or fans of Clay who responded to your comments. I just saw Clay last Thursday at Windsor Harrahs Casino. What a show and I’ve been a fan of Clay since AI and didn’t changed my feeling and love for him even when he came out. I love him so much specially now that he’s mature and I find him so HANDSOME, SEXY (oops) AND TALENTED. Sorry for the long comments.

  31. Ester,

    I appreciated that you took time to write your comments and express the feelings of your heart. I hope that you will continue to find joy in Clay Aiken’s music.


  32. Beautifully and thoughtfully written. Clay is full of love for people even to those unfriendlylpeople who tried to pick on him and ridiculed him on his sex orientation. Those who discriminate gays are miserable people without hearts of love for themselves and others. Without love in themselves they are not capable of loving others.

    Clay’s years of endurance had made him more beautiful and gracious. People loves him more. He gave so much smiles, love, laughters,joy,peace and inspirations to so many around the world. He has touched so many people’s hearts with his genuine caring and loving and undoubtedly his vocal, songs and hilarious performances and energy. Love Clay so much. Keep going, Clay and at the same time enjoy quality time with your lovely son.

  33. Love your review. No one deserves accolades more than Clay. Beautiful voice and beautiful human being. Always the one to step back and let someone else have most of the spotlight. Something you rarely see in the business he is in. And, his is the largest talent of all. No one can come close to that voice. The man can sing anything and no matter what he sings he is a total song stylist. Very rare in this day and age and so refreshing. How he kept his name out there with no radio play or promotion just proves what a great talent he is.

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