California Ruling on Prop 8- The March For Full Equality Continues

Photo coutesy of CNN

Today’s proposed ruling in  California on Prop 8 is simply another crucial turning point on the march for national recognition for equality.

So once the federal judge makes a decision in the case whether the vote on Prop 8 was constitutional in California, the momentum will move faster.

We have to decide as citizens of this country that equal rights are valued higher than the bigotry and higher than even those religious biases that we have embedded in ourselves.

So when the decision is made,  no matter what it is,  let us continue to stand strong and push the bigots back off their pulpits of hate and refuse their propaganda funded by their millions of non-taxable dollars.  Let us oust weak kneed politicians who speak with their fork tongues promising progress during campaigns and forgetting about them once they sit in their bureaucratic thrones of power.

Let us remember the power of the people armed with the simple notion that all citizens in this country have the same rights. Plain and simple. No discussion.

This is more than a gay issue. It is an American issue.

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