Alone Again

Photo by Aykan OZENER Copyright ©2006

Alone Again

by J.P. Leddy

Breathing Hard…

I felt his hands run down my back

as our tongues hungrily danced upon each other in wetness

Heart Pounding…

Clothes ripping off our bodies

as arousal reveals itself in panting hardness

Sweat mingling…

Mouths engulfing whatever they want

as two strangers unleash their animal lust

Moans escalating…

Bodies bounce on each other in building crescendo

until explosive fluids unleash with cries of passion into the air

Awkward silence…

Strangers part…

Door closed…

Feeling empty…

Alone again…

© JP Leddy

18 thoughts on “Alone Again

  1. Wow, that was really really good. That was really touching and meaningful. Really captures the raw feelings.

  2. You captured the raw emotions on both ends, the deep need of human connection and the deep feelings of disconnect. This exist in many relationships, even those who are not strangers.



  3. wow, what else is there to say, raw feeling………dangerous desire with delicious imaginings manic pursuits of shifting shadows lost in vacant holes staring back from empty promises instant lonliness, the creshendo is so high and intense that the fall is sudden and violent

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