We Will Never Give Up – Never!

As the right to marry continues to be appealed in  California, with those  proponents who want to deny the LGBT American Citizens this right also continuing to spread their campaign of bigotry and discrimination, we will stand strong in this one thing. We will NEVER give up until full equality is given us under this Constitution.

You have tried to lynch us

with your self righteous rhetoric

while you seethe like hungry wolves

from your ornate pulpits

pouncing after innocent prey…

Your self proclaimed God appointed  Jihad against us

is not grounded in love but in the age old

power struggles for the souls and lives of men  forced

to kneel before your gluttonous altars built on the blood

of babes and those exiled to living hells created

by your vile hate coated with religious gold and scripture…

Like your venomous campaigns before,  you will fail

against the mighty scepter of  justice  where the  rights of

the individual trumped the bigoted majority and

where religious bias has no place

Only equality,  for all, in a land of the free…

Submitted to Monday Poetry Potluck.

12 thoughts on “We Will Never Give Up – Never!

  1. Oh yea…they all talk of freedom and equality! But quite apparently, these are just a bunch of words to “them”, with no meaning!!
    I support freedom! I support equality! I support everything, provided it doesn’t harm others!!
    A very poignant poem… backed up with great pictures!!!
    Thanks for sharing this one, T…

  2. Only equality, for all, in a land of the free…

    Amazing and wonderfully written! Cheers on, my friend! Never give up!:D

    And thank for link in to Poetry Potluck^^ Do check out the earlier entries by some of our wonderful poets in the community too =D Have fun!

  3. I am amazed.. I appreciate what you are doing here.. Like we all love to HARP and do absolutely nothing about anything.. We boast and don’t believe.. Here my friend- one lovely effort.. that’s about the theme..

    The words are intense and like powerful enough to create a storm..


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