Walking in the Sun

Walking in the Sun

by J.P. Leddy

Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

Warmth splashed unto my body as I walked

into the morning daylight…

Wave upon wave of  Sol’s rays awakened

me to the sensations of life…

The lake’s blueness was a visual feast dancing

in the splendid sunshine…

My soul was filled with the sun and

it’s pulsating energy

I felt like a joyous child left to run and

jump with total abandonment…

I breathed in the air filling my lungs

while walking in the sun…

© JP Leddy

14 thoughts on “Walking in the Sun

  1. Lovely poem … good job. I do like the illustration to. Lake Merritt is surprising beautiful, isn’t it. (I lived in Alameda for ten years and worked in Oakland at 12th and B’dway.)

    Keep on poeming …

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