Say It


by: JP Leddy

You know me more than the rest

Yet, you remain silent


You see me every morning

Yet, you remain a mute


You sleep with me at night

Yet, no words leave your mouth


You are there when I cry

Yet, you are are quiet


You are there when I smile

Yet, no sound do you utter


You are there when I feel lost

Yet, your voice is silent


You see me as I am

Yet,  you say nothing


You see me when I hurt

Yet, you offer no talk of comfort


You know my deepest secrets

Yet,  you give no response


You know the three simple words

Yet, Man in the Mirror, just


This poem is written for Thursday Poets Rally Week 27…

61 thoughts on “Say It

  1. very thought provoking… I think accepting yourself for who you are is one of the most toughest tasks of all!! And sometimes, in all of this, the mind refuses to open itself up to your own situations/actions… You’ve portrayed this helplessness and frustration very beautifully over here, JP…

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  3. Yes, dancing the three words were “I Love You” meaning we need to say that to ourselves sometimes that is why the direction is to the man in the mirror.


  4. Ah, well done … loving ourselves … sometimes tough to do.

    Like the repitition and the rhythm. Definately belongs here.

    Happy Rally Day …. I’ll be back for more. Good job! 🙂

  5. Love your use of “say it”…really drives the point of what you are trying to convey across.

  6. very intense was this from personal experience? I have written a few things when I was angry where my feelings took control of the poem and they had the same feel to it that this does. I liked it very much!

  7. I feel only the ones who have undergone strong human emotions can SAY IT so strongly.. They value relationships more than anything. Each one is special to them. Every small gesture makes them feel proud..

    Very well written..
    This is what I SAY..

  8. I wasn’t expecting the twist at the end. This was so deep and thought provoking. I have found recently that I am often not honest and open with myself because I am afraid of what I will find. Lately I have been trying to change that. A powerful poem. Thank you.

  9. u did an outstanding job this week,
    I am impressed,

    help support participants by returning favors,
    or comment for new participants to encourage, get encouraged…

    way to go!

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  11. Love it! You had me thinking all along this was just some long-drawn complaint against a lover, yet at the end the truth comes out. And it is so true – how can we ever expect others to give us the support we need without first opening up and accepting ourselves? When we do that we are able to reach out to give what others need and then – surprise – they give it back!

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