The Boy

The Boy

By: JP Leddy

Words like daggers

pierced sharply into

the young boy whose

school days became

daily stonings and hurlings

of sharpened vile verbal assaults of

“Sissy!” “Faggot!” “Pussy!”

sometimes heaped upon with

shoves and jabs and punches,

more pain to the soul than

to the body

while adults including a father

simply validated the abusive mobbery

with calls to “Man, It Up!”

The boy could have sunk low under

the pile of junior high machismo dung

and bigoted soul lynching

as some do.

But with resolve stronger than

a Donna Summer inspired anthem

the boy lifted his eyes beyond

the limited vision of the Cro-Magnon crowd

and saw himself for the wonder that

he was and is.

That boy was me.

Yes, It got better.

This Poem has been submitted to the Thursday Poets Rally Week 30

This Poem has been submitted to Jingle’s Monday Poetry Potluck

22 thoughts on “The Boy

  1. Thank you, River. I survived. It is our children today that I worry about. Some our killing themselves over it and there are adults who are simply standing by doing nothing about it.

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  4. TT: This one is like a small bush with th newest buds, the 1st ones..
    It got better.. yes, it’s on it’s way to become a wonderful shrub and a flowering one and that..
    Beautiful words My Dear.. Always a pleasure reading you.. xxx

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