You Never Know

I am finding more and more that as I take advantage of those moments where I am not doing my usual routine or am  in my usual comfort zone, I am gaining new experiences and meeting new people that are enriching my life in many ways.

For example, in business settings where there are opportunities to network, by proactively approaching people, even when they were not my primary target client, has opened so many doors for me that has allowed me to  build key business relationships that have resulted in increased  revenue.  I have also gained friends.

In my personal and social life, when I am not around my usual cohorts, I have expanded beyond the typical groups of people I will normally hang out with and diversify into meeting other people.  That is the part that I find most exciting.  You never know which person or persons will have such an impact on your life.

Through this time. I have learned that it is only by reaching beyond yourself that you can really grow.  You have to do some things out of the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary.

This philosophical idea put into practice is really helping me to succeed and move forward in so many ways.

Take the Risk…

You Never Know..

12 thoughts on “You Never Know

  1. You are right on target here. When you take that risk, you are open to new possibilities and new opportunities. The comfort zone can be a source of solace, but it can also be a trap if you never leave it.

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