Beautiful Flame


Beautiful Flame

By: JP Leddy


Licking the air

It reaches upward

Dancing seductively

Inviting playfully

A finger pushes forward

from an unattended child

seduced by the orangy flicker

as a scream follows flesh

touched by fire,  blackened

and cooked,  scalded and  burned

from a single beautiful flame.

Submitted to: Monday’s Poetry Potluck

13 thoughts on “Beautiful Flame

  1. OOPPPSSS…as I read this… (Dancing seductively..Inviting playfully) I was wondering where this was going to go LOL) Great imagery and such creative expression!! Loved it…mwah xxx

  2. Agree with Buttercup, my intrigue turned into sadness in a matter of letters.. !! Well written, hope not out of experience though!!

  3. The poem appears like a candle! I love that…Nice choice for pot luck..

    I dig poetry that can capture the essence of something literally and are gifted at just that!

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