DADT Ain’t Good!

When a federal judge ruled that the United States Military discontinue its enforcement of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, it was seen by many as validation of the weakness of the policy and of its underlying discriminatory core against the LGBT citizenry of this country.

The ruling has caused controversy to percolate quickly to the top within military circles who are advocating that the ruling not take effect immediately( except the Air Force has complied).   Senator McCain wants to filibuster the repeal. Obama says he wants to end DADT but there are misgivings as to his intent since he has been slow to act on most LGBT rights issues. Of course the ultra conservative and politically active religious right continue their christian political jihad against the gay community working against many of the equal rights issues.

The truth of the matter is that  Gay, Lesbian and other LGBT citizens have served in the military honorably and heroically as long as we had a military.  History has revealed this to us, that sexual preference is not an indicator of military performance or skill.

Also, despite the tired argument, that it “is a morale issue”.  Big news-  LGBT people have always been around and you just did not know it.  By the way, the last thing one wants to do when they are in any kind of military situation is to hit on others…especially on straight people.  What a farce of an argument!

LGBT citizens join the military to become soldiers and to serve their country first and foremost and I will endeavor to bet that statistically, if there was a study, their contributions will be proportionally higher to the arm services as a group.  Prove me wrong.   They are used to overachieving just to be treated equal. It is called the oppressed minority syndrome.

In other international military organizations,  LGBT soldiers are allowed to join and be open.  They are soldiers first and loyal to their units first.  It has worked.

Our country needs the most skilled citizenry and loyal soldiers to assist us in our military objectives.  Why deprived ourselves of a group of citizens who are willing to serve just  because of an outdated  old boys club mentality and the loud railings of a religious minority?

America, built on a wonderful constitution, was about developing a democracy where the idea of equality can truly expand to a government and country where all men and women are free.  More importantly that all are afforded the same rights and privileges, despite our differences.  That is truly the greatness of this land.  At least that is what we are trying to achieve by rising above our pettiness , bigotry,  and shortsightedness.

Let’s take a step toward greatness!  Remember DADT ain’t good!

7 thoughts on “DADT Ain’t Good!

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  2.  I am a Senior  in Tisch Film/ TV and I would just like to share with you a film that I’m currently working on.  The film is called “DADT”. The film is a narrative of a gay American solider dealing with life during and after the Iraq war.  

    I am extremely passionate about spreading the word on the injustice of Don’t ask,don’t tell, and  the cruel rejection and pressure many homosexual Americans face.  I went to lobby for repeal in Washington DC and met the men and women who have been discharged. This policy is disgusting and needs to be gotten rid of, since cinema is a language that I am fluent in, I have decided to fight the best way I know how. 

    Besides the fact that I am raising awareness on a policy that I feel very strongly should be repealed, I am also a student and must complete my thesis film in order to graduate. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I’ve attached the links below.

    Thank you so much,

    Naomi Davis

    http://WWW. DADTFILM.COM

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