Xavier Toscano – Rising Music Force

Xavier Toscano Photo courtesy of Nicolas Smith. http://www.nicolassmith.com

His music makes you want to get off your feet and hit the dance floor and you can hear the influences of the different genres that populate his pop rhythms.  However, Xavier Toscano is unique and his music is progressive and a force here in the San Francisco Bay area.   America listen up,  grab his album “X” ! You need to get some Toscano on a regular rotation on iPod.  He is that good.

His acting background comes into real use as he takes his music to stage and also to video.  An avid believer in the power of pop music as an art form that mirrors life experience, this artist has already two albums under his belt as well as very hot and creative music videos.

He recently announced joining Sobel Promotions. There are great things ahead for this music artist.  His talent speaks for itself.

Xavier Toscano Photos by Lane Allen, for Medium Reality. Special thanks to Rachel from Medium Reality. http://www.mediumreality.com

I love the tracks “Do It Tonight”  and “Smoke and Mirrors.”  ” Getcha Shades” is fun and “Awake” has a great beat and deep lyrics.  I actually enjoy all the tracks.

Xavier Tocano Photo courtesy of Eduardo Soler. http://www.solerphotography.com/

If you are in the bay area, you have to catch one of his concerts and performances.  Definitely order his album.   Click on the following link for more details:

Xavier Toscano Official Site

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