One of My Favorite Things – The Sound of Music

" My Favorite Things Scene" from the film, The Sound of Music

Oprah’s recent episode featuring the reunion of the entire cast of the film, The Sound of Music, this week brought back its impact to my life.

Considered the greatest film musical of all time by many,  it continues to resonate with each generation throughout the world with its universal themes of  family, faith and love.  Based on the real live story of the Von Trapp family of Austria and that part of their lives up to their perilous exodus from Nazi’s in World II,  the film captures the essence of the time and the beauty of country.  It won an Oscar for Best Picture along with other assorted awards.

Many have seen the film as life changing or pivotal in some way in their life’s journey.  For me, I was a very young boy when I saw it in the movie theater.   My home life was overshadowed by my parents’ volatile marriage and I was sick with asthma.  I was a lonely boy of 6 years old.

Sound of Music Cast Reunion on Oprah

I remember from the opening scene of  majestic mountains to Maria on the lush green hill to final trek over the mountains crossing the Austrian border to safety,  I was enraptured and even healed in many ways.   I am not sure if it was the music, the perfect family that was displayed, or the story itself  that took the heart of this island boy and placed it where joy sat,  but I went there.  It probably was a combination of all of it.  Where life seem so dark for me, I actually escaped momentarily to a place where I could find peace.

I believe The Sound of Music gave me  my love for film, music, and even reading.  It also gave me the ability to believe in something better.

In hindsight, after all these years,  I believe it is truly a work of art.  I have been exposed to various forms of art and understand the power of a great painting to move one’s soul or piece of  wonderful poetry to awaken emotions.  The Sound of Music is the perfect film in cadence and structure that it truly is inspiring as an art form.  That is why people are so moved by it.

It is good in these days where there is so much struggle to be reminded of a story of a family that united together in music and used it to stand up against great odds to forge a new destiny.  That message is for of all of us.

We all need a dose of the Sound of Music now and then.

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