Names on a Slab of Stone

Names On A Slab Of Stone

by: JP Leddy

My fingers reverently

ran along the grooves of letters

of names of natives etched on the

slab of  stone , cold to the feel

forgotten by most of the world

A silent  memorial to the living and dead

who were herded under bayonet ,

enslaved on building projects,

starved in concentration camps,

and heartlessly executed


These were my

grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles

my people …the Chamorros of Guam

Their bravery and their fortitude ,

mostly unknown

except for a slab of stone that sits on a small

island  overlooking the sea…



I  will remember

I will remember

I will remember

This poem has been submitted to the Monday Poetry Potluck – Buildings, Landmarks, Mounuments

20 thoughts on “Names on a Slab of Stone

  1. very poignant piece of poetry. To be able “NOT” to repeat such things would be a tribute to those who sacrificed so much willingly or not.

    Truly a touching piece of poetry.

  2. JP, I was moved by the emotions in this poem… it was a beautiful tribute to all that went unsung… they were (are) heroes that definitely deserve a salute! My humble thanks to you for this lovely poem…

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