Glee and Ellen Tackle Homophobic Bullying


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The nation has become acutely aware recently of the rash of suicides by LGBT youth caused by homophobic bullying.  Once largely overlooked by society or simply tolerated, there has been a national movement to address it as a serious issue.

We have seen in the entertainment industry in shows like Ellen and Glee, the topics being addressed. Ellen interviewed Madonna in what I thought was a very poignant interview about the topic.  On Glee, the story lines following the character of Kurt, and even the misfits like the ones about the one of one of the coaches and the bad boy Pug all centered on how we view those who do not quite fit it and how we perceive them.

Kurt ( Chris Colfer) of Glee shows us the view of the bullied

Blaine ( Darren Criss) and Kurt ( Chris Colfer) New love interests on Glee?

Glee’s storyline on Kurt perhaps resonated the most with me as the very individual, tender hearted , and often courageous young gay out man who endures the onslaughts of abuse from a bully simply because of being gay on Glee.  The storyline is meaty.  He finally meets a potential love interest.  He gets his first kiss in a very interesting way.  He personifies the very word “courage.”

Many young people don’t live in the ideal world of Glee where your problem is solved in a song and dance number,  but they do live among people who I know can care enough to reach out to them to let them know that their lives are worth it.  I hope the lesson that we can all learn is that bullying should never be tolerated and that all young people, no matter who they are,  are worth saving and protecting from harm.

Ellen DeGeneres interviewed Madonna on anti-bullying views

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4 thoughts on “Glee and Ellen Tackle Homophobic Bullying

  1. I’ve seen bullying happen to people I knew. I’m glad bullying is being shown for what it is. Thank you for sharing.

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