Into His Eyes

Into His Eyes

By: JP Leddy


Looking into his eyes

I try to find in his heart….

His place where he cherishes me…

where his dreams of me begin…

where the hopes of us together flourish…

where my smiles are saved for a lifetime…

where my secrets are locked forever…

where our lovemaking culminates…

where I stay forever young…

Instead in those eyes I find…


and my heart and my dreams …

are washed down into a river…

of hurt and betrayal…

Submitted into Monday’s Poetry Potluck ” Moods, Feelings  and Emotions”

34 thoughts on “Into His Eyes

  1. Delightful! And a most relateable feeling for us all–what begins in starry-eyed illusion, shatters into something altogether cold, with reality, the breaking of delusion. The heart does hope – it is sad that this occasionally must be the end. Thanks for sharing with the potluck!

  2. What a beautiful one JP.. Just kept me flowing from one line to the other.. A sad one which is but obvious how it happens in Love!! 😦

    Enjoyed the Dreamy Feel.. 🙂
    Warm wishes- xox

  3. All the more bitter is the aftertaste of a feast on passions fruit when you realize the platter was meant for another. Fantastic write!

  4. ‘Looking into his eyes…

    I try to find in his heart….’
    beautiful… I always thought that one can know one’s soul through the eyes but then heart is what if not the soul of a person.. I enjoyed it . Thanks for sharing such beautiful feelings…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  5. It’s interesting (and sad) to see how love is almost always followed by some fear/loss/disappointment… I wonder how this happens though!! Maybe it’s something about expectations…. (sigh)
    You have expressed these feeling very beautifully here, JP.. Kudos…
    And best luck with everything!

  6. claim award in my 3rd potluck entry,
    Happy Wednesday!

    Welcome to Poets Rally week 33, post is to be up tomorrow.
    poem on,
    your talent rocks.

  7. Looking into his eyes-

    His heart is noble and pure

    With him my life is complete

    Hopes, fears, dreams and smiles shared in love….

    His knight in shining armor.

    Love could hide but not transform

    The gold heart corrupted with lead that is only for you

    There is no other.

    Running in circles

    I live half a life

    The armor rusted, beaten to the ground

    I cannot love you the way you derserve

    Come back and haunt me.

    Don’t listen you deserve better

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