The Very Real Marie Osmond

This past week I saw the interview that Marie Osmond had with Oprah regarding the recent suicide of her son, Michael Bryan.   It was a remarkably honest and raw interview with a very heavy subject among others, that Marie addressed with such candor.  I gained a real respect for this woman.  I no longer view her as this one dimension stage character that is often the only side we see.

In recent years, we have seen Marie deal with post postpartum depression, the coming out of a child, a second divorce and a suicidal child.  All of these have certainly put a toll on a woman that was once known as America’s sweetheart.

She has used her faith and strong family to weather some really rough stormy life experiences . Through it she has been able to sustain the kind of grit to prevail as a Single mom and continue her career to support her family. She loves her children and you can tell they adore her.

What I admire most is that she has shared the story of her loss and challenges.  Hopefully,  one more soul could be comforted and perhaps a life can be saved.

Marie Osmond’s Performance of Pie Jesu on OPRAH dedicated to her son, Michael Bryan.

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