by: JP Leddy


Air filling expanding my lungs

inflating my muscles

stretching my toes

quickening my mind

clarifying my vision

into colors that quench my thirst

for the something more

where imagination meets creation

where love erupts intelligence’s passion

my spirit is ALIVE

My heart pumps out not blood, but





Submitted to Poets Rally Week 33

64 thoughts on “Thankfulness

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  3. I like the way you colored the words, each sentence different shade and color and so the words too … they are lovely!

  4. This is just beautiful!The different colors of the words made it real lovely!Great style,indeed.And truly creative!

    Thankful we’ve met!Thanks for dropping by on my side,too!

  5. Tis the time of year to express the joys, the thanks, the good cheer…interesting format, though I must say the lime green made my eyes twinge! Creative and gracious bit of writing though, thoughtful and smile-inducing. Well done!

  6. this couldn’t be any more true….i think every one should be this grateful for living….the air we breathe, the beat in our hearts, are all so precious…thanks for sharing ❤

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  8. Bright and beautiful…the words and the thought!! Awesome!!
    Sometimes, just saying a simple ‘thank you’ makes one feel soooo nice about everything… I think this poem expresses that feeling very well..
    Thanks for this lovely piece, JP..

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