LOVER – Tom Goss’s Homage to True Love Between Two Men

Tom Goss

The song has been my favorite of this talented songwriter and music artist‘s long list of tracks.  “Lover”  moves me in so many ways because of its universal message and especially of its moving message about the love of a same sex couple .  The video has a military theme, and with the  current DADT debate makes the video and the song even more poignant. It’s pure resonance leaves me beyond tears, but with  a sense of sacredness that one hopes to achieve in a relationship of love with someone that is earned.

I have known Tom for some time now.  I became acquainted with him and his music on the award winning podcast, Feast of Fun. Over time, I became a fan and then  we have become friends. He recently got married to his long time partner and love, Mike. He lives the passion of love that underlies the meaning of this song.  I believe that Tom is not only one of the most talented LGBT songwriters out there today but he is also one of the most talented songwriters in the industry.

Watch the video.   Visit his website.   You will never be the same.

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