Where Are You?


Where Are You?

by: JP Leddy


Nightmare from which I cannot awake from

He looks like you in every nuance and move

I do not find you as I once did in his eyes

He is like some doppelganger or alien copy


Where is the man who against snow falling

promised me love forever after?

Where is the man who drew childish art with

colored markers of rainbows and hearts?


Have you been abducted by some unseen power?

Has your  soul been kidnapped by mischievous demons?

Has the government recruited you on some secret mission?

Have you been put on the witness protection program?


I do not recognize this twin of yours who is here with me

Who claims love for me , but still wants to lay with others

Who would prefer intimacy with strippers rather than me

Whose love comes with conditions that includes others


Who is this stranger?

Who breaks my heart in re-runs?

He is not you.

Where are you?


Entered into Thursday Poets Week 35 Rally





44 thoughts on “Where Are You?

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  3. I can hear a lonely cry amongst all the questions… keep writing is all i can say, the answers will come when they have to, the healing will come when it has to… words are the only meditation we have some times…

  4. My first thought is woah. Very beautiful and deep poem, yet straightforward at the same time. I’m sorry for the circumstances. I agree with the previous comments: keep writing, it usually helps.

  5. Marvelous work here, I can feel the pain and confusion as the one you thought you knew turns out to be someone else completely. You did a fantastic job with this and I agree with a few of the other comments, you just keep writing and it will work itself out through wonderful tapestries of words like this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Certainly a brave move to share this with others. One of my favourite poets says that it’s good practice to trim back as much as possible- it is in this vein that I commend you on the sparseness of the last stanza, which almost stands on its own. Keep writing.

  7. such heartbreak in this one! i especially like the phrase “breaks my heart in re-runs”– ouch! and the ache in the question “Where is the man who against snow falling promised me love forever after?” beautiful and tragic. thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Human beings are designed to ask questions, and certainly these are some of the most painful. We should all be careful of the promises we make, eh? Poignantly written, made me think…and I wish you the best…

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