Fairy Dust and Elven Song



Fairy Dust and Elven Song

By JP Leddy


Morning dawn broken by young laughter

Bright wrapping paper pieces strewn across the floor

Smiles energized by toys and imaginations

The world is surrounded by magic and laughter

Shadows of St. Nick still warm in the air

with the echo of reindeer hooves still tapping on the roof

Believe and faith meet together to dance under

fairy dust and elven song

Christmas is here, all ye earth

let joy make  all things possible

warm your hearts in the miracle of love

Find peace with it and find peace with you.


Submitted to Monday Poetry Potluck Reflections, Interpretations, Musings


I received the following recognitions from poetry group facilitator and leader , Jingle, who has been able to create a community of poets to share work and develop relationships over the Internet.  I am grateful for her support and always honored by her awards.


The Stellar Blogger Award


The Poet Best Friend Award



The Most Grateful Poet Award


The Most Blessed Blogger of 2010 Award

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