Christmas Snows, Christmas Winds – My Holiday Tradition

One of the biggest benefits that came out of my undergraduate college education was having the privilege of taking a Humanities 101 course from Dr. Donald R. Marshall.   Having grown up on the island of Guam, my exposure to the  fine arts was limited,  although I knew I had some liking to it.

Dr. Marshall’s unique way of teaching opened my world to all the arts and began my journey and love affair with seeking the best in music, art, film and all forms of creative expression…including writing.

I had the privilege of receiving an autographed copy of his book of a collection of short stories he wrote called ,  “Frost in the Orchard.”   His mastery of words is wonderful. He is able to paint stories like art masterpieces.  I like reading his stories out loud sometimes as some of them sound poetically beautiful.  If Oprah read them, I am sure she would have put them on her Book Club.

My favorite short story of  Dr. Marshall is Christmas Snows , Christmas Winds where he recollects a particular Christmas from his childhood in rural Utah.  His use of imagery and the story itself  lends itself to be a true Christmas classic.  The kind of classic that touches deeply into your soul and resonates the true meaning of the season.  Thus, it becomes timeless.

It was later made into a film and I have seen it on public TV and on cable.  Reading the story is of course wonderful but the film  is very well done.

It is a holiday tradition for me to read Christmas Snows , Christmas Winds.  I also try to watch the film when I can see it.  It connects me to the author who inspired me to write and to enjoy the creativity of the world. Most of all,  this story anchors me to what makes my heart really appreciate this season.

Click here for film:  Christmas Snows, Christmas Winds

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