Tis The Season of Shopping Hell

Bath and Body Works store in Ohio

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I was already tired from work walking to the Westgate Mall in San Francisco to pick up an exchange gift for an office mate for our annual Work Christmas lunch planned for the end of the week.  The mall was crowded for a Tuesday but not drastically so as to not be manageable and with the Christmas music piping softly over the speakers there was hope for some peace to end my day while picking up this gift.

I went into Borders‘ Calendar store first.  I remembered seeing a funny calendar previously that I wanted to get for my boss and on the spur of the moment I thought I buy it for him as a practical gift he can use in his accounting duties as well as get some daily humor. My work colleagues will also get a good laugh out of it when he opens his present at the lunch.

Well, I wanted to get it wrap so I went to the main store got into their main line which was very long only to find out that they were offering free wrapping in an other section of the store.  I wish they had provided visible signs that directed us, who wanted wrapping only, but alas, I guess customer convenience during the busiest season of the year was not top of their list.

Then I went to  Bath and Body Works to pick up the exchange gift.  I finally found the items I was looking for but needed assistance. I waited, trying to catch the eye of two sales clerks. They simply passed me by about three times and ignored me while they were asking other guests who were just browsing, asking them if they needed help.  I was trying to get their attention. I finally had to speak loudly, almost shouting, to get this one girl to come and assist me.

I was asking her a question about a certain item and then this lady customer comes up and interrupts me and starts to ask her questions. The salesgirl starts helping her ignoring my request.  I waited a little thinking she was just inexperienced and then I finally cut in and told the customer to hold it until I was helped first.

I was so glad that the girl managing the cash register represented the epitome of customer service. She was excellent. However, I have real reservations about going to that store ever again.

Then I decided to grab something to eat so I went to the eatery in the lowest level of the mall.  I decided to try out the Vegetarian restaurant, Loving Hut Vegan Cuisine.  That was a bad choice. First of all, in their attempt to be efficient and quick, they have sacrificed customer service. They rush the customers through in with such rapid speed and with such quick speech with hardly  any eye contact.  They seem like they are pleasant, but actually, they simply want to rush you through. You feel their disinterest in you as a customer.

What makes matters worse is that their food is the worst vegan food I ever tasted.  They are bad service and bad food. Avoid them at all costs.

Then I went up to the sitting area by Borders, waiting for my roommate so we can head back to our place in Oakland. I sat by an empty chair next to an outlet that I could plug my Iphone into to get it charged more.  I had been sitting down a few minutes and this vagrant of a lady asked me to vacate my seat because it was hers.  She started going off that she worked for Mall security and that she watching everyone from inside Borders and that I took her seat. I explained to her that the seat was empty and that I took it to charge my phone.

She started raising her voice and shouting out at me. She was out of her mind. I was about to call Mall Security when she suddenly calm down and sat in the seat across from me.

Fa La  La La La and Deck the Halls….Christmas Shopping sometimes sucks big time.

I am still not done with mine.  Yikes!

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