Christmas Eve and My Children

This Christmas Eve is the first one I am not with my children. They are all grown now. I live in California and they live in Utah. My son is spending his Christmas with his fiancee’s family while my daughters are spending it with their mother. Normally,  I would make the trek there but the funds I normally would have used for travel went to support my kids in some necessities.

So today my mind and heart are filled with memories of them of Christmas Eves past.  Our Christmases where always special events with Christmas Eve always being the kick off, even after the divorce.  In fact, Christmas Eve usually was their time exclusively with me after the divorce.  I often would cook up some noon-traditional Christmas meal that was fun and then we will read the Christmas story. When they were younger they would roleplay it out.  There will be opening of presents from me.

Christmas morning Santa will come with his presents and their mom would have a jublilant Christmas feast prepared.

I just remember the love and the closeness of such times and what really matters during these holidays. The greatest gifts were not all the lights and the music and the presents, but these beautiful children.

So today my mind is simply awash in my love for my angels and my babies. I am so grateful they are in my life. I miss them this day but know they are close to me in heart.

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