Today I started a nutritional program with a company called Becoming Health that is owned by my good friend , Marnie Northrop. I have been meaning to do it for quite a while so the New Year was about as good a time to get going with it.

The first part of the program was to go two week detox cleanse program that basically trains your body to transition to a new way of eating and also identifies any foods you might be allergic to in the process.  Coupled with exercise it also is an emotional and mental exercise that helps you change your relationship with food.

I have friends who have done it and it has helped them to learn to eat healthier and become more well balanced in their dietary habits.  For me it is really my goal to do more things in my life in 2011 for me that takes care of me.

It was an interesting day with the orientation, the food shopping and also the self reflection that comes with the principles garnered. I am excited about the process and do not see it as a sacrifice but really as the beginning of an evolution for me.

Detox can mean more than just taking unhealthy elements out of me physically but also removing those things out of my life emotionally and mentally that hamper the realization of my full happiness and fulfillment as a person.

I look forward to the adventure of it all.

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