Compass to My Heart

Compass to My Heart

by: JP Leddy



Compass to my heart , lead the way

Pass my cynicism to a destination true

Where love is not simply a song or a poem

But real like the skin on my bone

I am tired of promises not kept and broken

Of eyes and kisses that wander

Oh compass to my heart lead on

to one whose heart knows how to love

as a lover should with devotion true


Submitted to Monday Poetry Potluck : Journey and The Road Ahead

21 thoughts on “Compass to My Heart

  1. Gorgeous piece! I felt the longing, yet the optimism that the future would be different. Great job!

  2. I hope your compass will lead you to the perfect person who will suit you–one whose eyes and kisses do not wander. I loved that line…

    Beautiful, heartfelt poem, JP.

  3. Fantastic write! If only my compass didn’t so readily stick to the magnetic north over the true north oh so often.

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