Taking 15 Minutes

As I have been on this nutritional cleanse with Becoming Health, one of its core elements is to also take about 15 minutes each day to reflect, meditate and basically take time for yourself.

This simple exercise is simply a life changer for me in the sense that, I believe, that too many of us run around so busy with our lives that we do not take time out simply to be with ourselves.  This means with no distractions.  This allows us to calm down. Yes, there are physical benefits, but the emotional and mental benefits are enormous.

I find myself being a lot more calm and able to deal with the challenges of the day with less stress.  I also am able to reflect on my life more clearly and have a sense of being more purposeful in my thought process and issue resolution.

There are activities like journaling that can be done during this period.  I am inspired to write poetry sometimes.

So many of us really fail to take care of ourselves in so many ways. This is one simple way that we can start. Take the 15 minutes.  Make time for You!

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