by: JP Leddy


Parts of me

Disconnected  and torn apart

Sliced by betrayal

Scattered and trampled


No longer whole

No Pain, No tears

Numbed to Love

By soothing forked tongues


I am thousands of puzzle parts

That no longer fit

A sad pile of junk

To be discarded

My heart broken

It no longer beats

For another or another

But is simply broken in



Poem submitted to Thursday Poets Rally Week 37 ( January 13-19)


I also accept the Perfect Poets Award for Poets Rally Week 36. I am deeply honored by the recognition.  Thank you, Jingle , our fearless leader for coordinating the award nomination effort. I am honored to be counted among my peers who were recognized for their wonderful talent.


Rope swings and Swishes

Loud laughter

I also nominate my fellow poet, Leo, for the same award for week 37.


44 thoughts on “Pieces

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  3. Perfect award, absolutely deserved … I love puzzles, I have a collection of them so the image was kind of appealing to me. The words … heartfelt, I hope you’re ok and that’s just a fiction. Thank you very much for visiting me!

  4. That’s a sad, desolate place to be. You did a wonderful job of expressing that. I hope you’re not really feeling broken in pieces, JP…

    Gayle xoxo

  5. “Pieces
    No longer whole
    No Pain, No tears
    Numbed to Love
    By soothing forked tongues”

    Pieces broken beyond feeling/sensitivity…could really sense the betrayal…heartrending. A great write and congrats on receiving your award.

  6. Aww… heartache, so well expressed… if only it could be cured easily too..
    This was a beautiful piece, JP..

    And yes, heartiest congratulations on the award!! That’s well deserved for sure!!
    Have a great weekend, my friend..

  7. Hey Tasi 🙂 what lovely poetry.. it is sad that a broken life has to end up an unpiecable jigsaw.. but it does happen that way.. and only another right person can come fit it, right?

    Thanks for the nomination 🙂 I hope I merit it..

  8. Great metaphor. I once saw a film where a woman said she cried for 24 hours when her lover left her. Then she cried for another 24 hours when she finally realized that she really didn’t care that much! LOL, sometimes our tragedies offer the best lessons. I love your poem and your site. Good work all around. hugs, pat

  9. Happy Tuesday, return favor to those poets who are here yet you did not reach them initially…
    I am saying these to all poets, hope that you take it rationally…
    thanks for the support.

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