From American Idol to Gay Role on 90210 -Alan Ritchson’s Journey

Alan Ritchson

American Idol has been already known to start the careers of more than just singers but many other types of entertainers. Alan Ritchson did  not even make the top 10 ( he was in the top 87 of season 3) but he is most remembered for playing up to judge Paula Abdul during an audition.

Alan Ritchson as Aquaman in Smallville

Aquaman ( Alan Ritchson) saves the day

All that six pack charm  led him to a modeling career and later to an acting career. He is best known for his role as Aquaman in the CW series, Smallville.  He was also cast in Spike Lee‘s Blue Mountain State.  He has appeared in several TV movies and series.

Alan Ritchson in Blue Mountain State

In 90210, he plays the new love interest of  the gay character , Teddy (Trevor Donavan) and the scene of their first meeting is spring break.  The debut episode of their relationship is Episode 318 to air in March.

Ritchson’s journey shows the power of  American Idol in being a unique platform for discovering all kinds of talent.  Alan Ritchson’s star continues to shine.

Alan Ritchson

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