Gay Rights Progress While The Opposition Storm Gathers

We continue to see Gay and more correctly LGBT rights progress in terms of the recent DADT repeal and the new federal regulations for visiting rights in hospitals to include non-discrimination based on sexual orientation.

We have seen LGBT artists and stories honored in film and art. We have seen states continue to implement marriage and domestic partnership rights.  Anti-bullying laws and awareness programs are moving along rapidly.

Yes, progress is being made , and in some cases, in leaps and bounds.

However,  we also see attempts by the opposition and the fundamentalists to continue usurp these efforts.  For example, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-California, has introduced legislation to slow down the implementation of DADT.  The bill is  basically used as a way to slowly kill it.  The rhetoric from the fanatical right continues to mix religious extremism with politics.

However, as we have recently celebrated Martin Luther King Day, it is a reminder that these forces against Human Rights and Equality will continue their efforts to thwart justice in their bigotry and blindness.

We shall overcome their hate and ignorance. Equality will be realized for all.

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